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  • 20121201

    and to some extent for ppl who voted for a third party and threw it to Obama.
    Politics is not everything. Romney said it,there's life after politics. Herman Cain went on with his life but stays involved,just in a different capacity. Allen West knows that other doors will open for him. As for the electorate-us-we have to stay involved too. Herman Cain also said(often),STAY INVOLVED,INFORMED,INSPIRED.

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  • 20121122

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  • 20121120
    i'm beginning to feel like we are spinning our wheels. You know.Like those hamsters in the hamster cage. I know this; we better get some conservatives in the Senate come 2014.
    IMHO the Rep should just give the big O everything he wants and walk. Then the big O can't blame them if things go south.Which they probably will anyway and he'll OWN it. Can we survive? What choice would we have?
    I hear about voter fraud. Am convinced it was widespread. What can we do about it? At this point.No idea.
    Then there's Benghazi. i get the horrible feeling that nothing is going to...

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  • 20121118

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  • 20121103


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  • 20121102

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  • 20121019
    The Trailer

    Andrew called them out. We have to take them down.They are corrupt. They are an enemy of the people. They no longer accept their responsibility...

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  • 20121019

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  • 20121019


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  • 20121018

    I love you

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  • 20121018

    it can't be soon enough.2 votes for Romney in Pa. Husband and I both voted Romney-Ryan.(absentee ballot)

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  • 20121018

    Evil or Very Mad
    Robert Palmer 1949-2003

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  • 20121016


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  • 20121016


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  • 20121016
    RIP Robert Palmer 1949 - 2003
    under-rated and left too soon


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  • 20121015

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  • 20121015
    Miners Fight Back Against Obama TV Ad: "Absolute Lies"

    Coal miners tell Obama to stop the absolute lies in TV ad accusing miners of being props at rally...

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  • 20121013

    I can't possibly imagine a single Catholic casting a vote for Obama;perhaps the first time around they might have dug up some good reason. Or at least in some misinformed conscience,even uninformed found a good reason to vote for him. NOT this time around. There is simply no excuse. The lines have been drawn.Given that Obama has directly attacked the Church-among other reasons-i can't think of one good reason to vote...

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  • 20121012

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  • 20121011

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  • 20121011

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  • 20121011
    Mr Levin pointed it out on his radio show today a few facts about Joe Biden we may have forgot. Biden is not a 'nice guy.'

    Do we really think Obama would pick someone for veep if they were a decent person?

    tune into a Levin replay for a refresher course on Uncle Joe.
    Will stop by to blog after the Veep debate. Keep hearing what a great debater Joe is. Remains to be seen. can't miss this one. It could be more ppl watch this debate than the first one. I don't think Paul Ryan will let him get away with much. WSU?

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  • 20121006

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  • 20121005

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  • 20121004

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  • 20120929

    Catholic.Married. Female. Huge Mark Levin fan. Conservative.
    It's the way we roll
    Proud Navy mom.
    Favorite food. Chocolate, hands down.
    Favorite artist:Robert Palmer RIP
    Favorite music: gregorian chant and a little of everything else
    Favorite movie: Karol the man who became Pope. Science Fiction
    Favorite books: Theology of the Body JPII,Ameritopia Mark Levin,Righteous...

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  • 20120928


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  • 20120927
    I can't possibly imagine a single Catholic casting a vote for Obama;perhaps the first time around they might have dug up some good reason. Or at least in some misinformed conscience,even uninformed found a good reason to vote for him. NOT this time around. There is simply no excuse. The lines have been drawn.Given that Obama has directly attacked the Church-among other reasons-i can't think of one good reason to vote for Obama. In fact i can't think of ANY reason to vote for Obama.
    If anyone is questioning whether they should or not pls get in touch and we'll discuss it. Yes,Romney is a Mormon...

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  • 20120924
    I finally saw Obama's America 2016.Couple that with the unemployment rate,the price of groceries,gas and the tone of discourse lately I can't imagine anyone not being sure if they could vote Romney. If all that info were true under George Bush i guarantee he'd have never gotten a 2nd term. In fact i don't know of any incumbent Potus with stats not half as bad as Obama's that got a 2nd term. What the heck? What is with this guy that people would even consider giving him another term. His background alone convinces me that Romney is a half ways decent choice. He's never been my first choice but...

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  • 20120924

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  • 20120911
    had to share

    Someone I’ve known for a while now — my wife, Nancy — has written a letter to some of her friends, the ones who voted for Barack Obama the last time around but may be having second thoughts now. She showed it to me and (with her blessings) I decided to share it with all of you. If you like it, copy it and send it around to your friends who may be on the fence.

    Bernie Goldberg

    Source :

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  • 20120910

    every anchor,journalist,analyst should have one.
    Begin here->

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  • 20120910
    This one is definitely the opinion of author-not Mark Levin. Does not mean the great one might not agree with it-but then he again he might not. So let's not blame Mr Levin if you find the entry offensive.I'm sure some ppl are going to get REALLY offended.
    i keep running into ppl who read a comment and reply back with who are you to shove your religious beliefs/morality on us-or down my throat-you know the retort. Makes you wonder? Who would want to live in a society that didn't have its foundation in morality?
    I get it. It's always more fun to do whatever you want and have a lame excuse...

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  • 20120906
    Did we forget who Bill Clinton is?
    He was found guilty of perjury. He used the power of his office to get sexual favors from women. In simple terms that's sexual harassment. There was even an allegation of rape. He destroyed the women who accused him. We were subjected night after night to details of his sexual escapades in-of all places-the Oval office. It took years to elevate the office of President after Clinton left. Nobody in the media called him out on the lies in his speech. They needed bibs to catch the drool after the slobber fest over him.

    He delivered all these awesome...

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  • 20120904

    and this is just one tweet from cbs.

    Breaking News***Mrs Obama says she will never run for political office.
    You should read the rest.

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  • 20120903
    be sure to put your empty chair out in the most visible spot on your property.
    Take photos and post to FB and/or Twitter.
    Rolling Eyes
    Hash Tag #EmptyChairDay
    We be "eastwooding" @

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  • 20120902

    This blog reflects the pov of the author and not necessarily the great one,Mark Levin.Unless noted otherwise all opinions are solely mine and they may or may not agree w/ an opinion Mr Levin holds. He's still awesome. We don't always have to agree with ppl we admire.

    Best speeches; Paul Ryan, "Condi" Rice
    Most Memorable Moment; Clint Eastwood. We're still talking about the empty chair aren't we and the most quoted lines are from his monologue.
    To be honest i like Eastwood as an actor and admire his courage to speak...

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  • 20120827
    the buzz word (one of them anyway)for 2012 is tolerance. I am NOT tolerant. This word should not be in the lexicon of political speech. This is not a great goal for the United States of America.There isn't a single word in the Constitution re tolerance. Not a single word in the Declaration of Independence re tolerance. The Bill of Rights does not guarantee tolerance.

    Here's why we should run for the hills when we hear the word tolerance. Let's take a look at colonial[tolerant]Maryland when the government of Maryland opened the door to Catholics in 1632.


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  • 20120825

    Tomorrow am going to write a blog about tolerance. No,i do not support tolerance.

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  • 20120820


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  • 20120819
    anyone pick up on the articles and alleged leaks re race riots IF Obama is not re-elected? Race riots? Naw-i don't think so. How come? Simple; i believe MOST people are law abiding citizens. However,the New Black Panther party is another story. As we know they used voter intimidation in 2008 and have recently made threats re the GOP convention coming up shortly.Now they might be involved in rioting but imho they will be on their own. Ask yourself this:what good would a race riot do after and IF Romney is elected? NONE.
    Ask yourself what good rumors about race riots would do BEFORE the election?...

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  • 20120817
    think about what he says in each one of these.

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  • 20120816
    Here we go. The Frat party Dept of HHS:
    The top Homeland Security official accused of cultivating a "frat-house"-style work environment has "voluntarily placed herself on leave" amid an internal review, the department told FoxNews.com late Tuesday evening -- just hours after FoxNews.com contacted the agency about new allegations against her.

    The official, Suzanne Barr, is chief of staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Two more ICE employees came forward this week to complain about "lewd" conduct inside...

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  • 20120812

    it took a few times around to have it sink in that Ryan was the VP pick and that it was a not just a good choice. but a great one. My first hope was Allen West and it was definitely not Portman. He was the first rumor. Portman spelled DOOM.

    Romney was not my first choice for nominee either. It was Herman Cain. Shame he suspended. Someday i may be able to articulate what Cain's suspension meant to me. Need some hindsight and there hasn't been enough time since then and the time it took...

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  • 20120809
    To finish up the little ran on tolerance. Let's put it this way. I'm definitely intolerant when ppl argue for ideas that are just not good for the country,the culture or our Western Civilization. Bottom line;; that's same sex marriage. You attack the family and you attack the cornerstone of everything that has sustained our civilization. You can argue that their getting married doesn't affect marriage. baloney. Of course it does all in the name of accepting a sexual proclivity What you do is your business. You make your own choices. Do not open this can of worms and think you can manipulate a 2,000...

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  • 20120805

    You want to give this a view-the kid speaking here will blow...

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  • 20120805
    “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” ~ GK Chesterton

    The next Dawg Blog entry was going to be about the races in Tenn but we'll save that one for Monday.
    I decided that a good topic for tonight would be tolerance. If only we could get a nickel for every time this word was used in 2012. It's a biggie.

    We know when someone says something is hard to tolerate they mean it's difficult to put up with. When we hear that someone has a...

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  • 20120801

    Thank you Texas. Thank you Texans. Thank you Tea party and other conservatives. Thank you Herman Cain,Sarah Palin,Jim DeMint,Mark Levin for suppporting Ted Cruz. Awesome..Kudos to Chris Vaughn of Ga as well for his win(endorsed by Herman Cain.Kudos to Zoller for pulling a Run Off against her opponent. Rematch scheduled for Aug 21.

    Later today we will mention some very important candidates in the state of Tenn. That vote takes place this Thur.

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  • 20120729
    Ok. it's Sun now not Sat night.
    I think we're going to keep the blog rolling for awhile since the fan forum doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
    Now for that topic. Our objective not the least bit biased and complicit media:
    It really began to roll for me at least when they did the hit job on Herman Cain,. Yep, he was my first choice and to this day is STILL my first choice except that we gotta get obama out of office in Nov. There is no choice.

    It was then that i realized just how crappy and biased the media was-and believe me they are REALLY on a roll now trying to make...

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  • 20120728
    More on this topic Sat night

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