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  • 20121201
    THE DAILY DAWG(2012-2013) Attten10
    and to some extent for ppl who voted for a third party and threw it to Obama.
    Politics is not everything. Romney said it,there's life after politics. Herman Cain went on with his life but stays involved,just in a different capacity. Allen West knows that other doors will open for him. As for the electorate-us-we have to stay involved too. Herman Cain also said(often),STAY INVOLVED,INFORMED,INSPIRED.

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  • 20121122
    THE DAILY DAWG(2012-2013) More_t10

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  • 20121120
    i'm beginning to feel like we are spinning our wheels. You know.Like those hamsters in the hamster cage. I know this; we better get some conservatives in the Senate come 2014.
    IMHO the Rep should just give the big O everything he wants and walk. Then the big O can't blame them if things go south.Which they probably will anyway and he'll OWN it. Can we survive? What choice would we have?
    I hear about voter fraud. Am convinced it was widespread. What can we do about it? At this point.No idea.
    Then there's Benghazi. i get the horrible feeling that nothing is going to...

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  • 20121118
    THE DAILY DAWG(2012-2013) Obamac10

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  • 20121103


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  • 20121102
    THE DAILY DAWG(2012-2013) Obama_10

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  • 20121019
    The Trailer

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  • 20121011
    Mr Levin pointed it out on his radio show today a few facts about Joe Biden we may have forgot. Biden is not a 'nice guy.'

    Do we really think Obama would pick someone for veep if they were a decent person?

    tune into a Levin replay for a refresher course on Uncle Joe.
    Will stop by to blog after the Veep debate. Keep hearing what a great debater Joe is. Remains to be seen. can't miss this one. It could be more ppl watch this debate than the first one. I don't think Paul Ryan will let him get away with much. WSU?

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  • 20121006