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A Special Word for Ppl who didn't vote

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A Special Word for Ppl who didn't vote Empty A Special Word for Ppl who didn't vote

A Special Word for Ppl who didn't vote Attten10
and to some extent for ppl who voted for a third party and threw it to Obama.
Politics is not everything. Romney said it,there's life after politics. Herman Cain went on with his life but stays involved,just in a different capacity. Allen West knows that other doors will open for him. As for the electorate-us-we have to stay involved too. Herman Cain also said(often),STAY INVOLVED,INFORMED,INSPIRED.
Unfortunately we have a lot of ppl being spoon fed or just voting party.Worse,we have a corrupt media that is not doing their job and serving the interests of the American ppl. It is not their job to protect the president-either party-much less actually get involved in campaigning for them. There was 0 positive reporting about Romney in the race. There was 0 NEGATIVE reporting about Obama in the race. That should tell them right there they are not doing their job. If they know it and do it anyway they have no business considering themselves journalists much less expecting us to respect them as journalists.
It is truly horrible how much effect the media had on this race in particular.
Further when REAL people are involved and the truth is not covered(Sandy for instance)those real people are harmed in so many ways.
We must be involved. We can't leave the business of politics to the media or the government.
It's a tough time we're living in and frustrating.What can we do when this despot stole the election and is in office.What can we do when so many people fell for him. He's cool,he's sexy,he relates to me, he understands me. He's a liar.We didn't need someone like this. We needed someone to solve the country's problems.
Someone qualified. A good campaigner does not make someone qualified. It gets someone there but it doesn't carry the day.
Where do we go now? We fight like hell against this man (Obama)because he is dangerous. We fight like hell because he is destructive to the country. We fight like hell because he doesn't even care about the useful idiots who got him where he is.
If you stayed home and chose not to vote we can't blame Romney's GOTV campaign. Thanks a million.You can't blame the other person for our getting stuck with Obama and what is happening to the country. I remember Breitbart's C-pac speech. If you're not behind our candidate you're standing with them. No,they don't have to be perfect.


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