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Herman Cain/Mark Levin are right on target!

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Herman Cain/Mark Levin are right on target!

We have no choice but to get Obama out of office. Herman Cain is right-we must be unified.
Few problems to overcome:
1. Romney forgot Reagan's 11lth commandment. Now it's biting him in the butt. There is a lot of resentment out there. It's not the only reason ppl are up in arms but it's not helping.

2. i suspect(could be wrong)that the Romney camp is reluctant to bring up Rev Wright(fair game)because they don't want religion out on the table. It may be the American ppl don't want to get into this either. If your religion affects your political views it IS fair game but ONLY where it affects your decision making.
Still,they are apt to have a hay day with Mormonism and Romney may not want to 'go there.'
Speculation on my part. If you have another theory would like to know. i don't have a problem with Romney being a Mormon and being POTUS. If we were going to sit down and discuss theology and doctrine i would have a problem with Mormonism. We're not. If Romney embraces conservatism this will guide his decision making. Don't kid yourselves. Obama is no Christian. He's a secular humanist who believes the state is god and uses religion when it suits his purposes. He has learned how to manipulate various groups. I honestly don't see how he got the Catholic vote the first time. What do we have out there? A bunch of " Pelosi/Sebellius/Biden Catholics" .
Pelosi,who made some claim to know Catholic history and teaching should look this one up:latae sententiae excommunication Evidently she missed it.

3. The big resentment is it seems like the fix was in for Romney before the race even started. This may be perception but i had that feeling in gut before the race started to. When many people,not just a few, have that feeling in their gut then it's probably true. In fact i begged ppl to stick with Cain or we'd be stuck with Romney. Sounds like an ad.i am stuck on Romney,cos Romney's stuck on me. Well,that was yesterday's news and here we are. Wish it weren't so but we cannot have Obama re-elected. Everything our candidates stood for will be out the window if O's re-elected.
However,IF Romney gets beat-that's another matter- we will take the GOP to task. Trust me,they have it coming but there will be a time for that. This isn't the time.We must beat Obama and we don't have time to haggle all this out. More often than not we don't have to worry about the Dems taking out our candidates.We do it for them.The Dems are hypocrites who will call out conservatives on the 'higher moral ground' while at the same time covering up or glorifying their candidates no matter what.Look at the magazine covers of Clinton even after his impeachment. He looks like a first class guy. Then look at how they painted Herman Cain over an ALLEGATION. Do the Dems jump ship on their candidates? Nope. Not unless they are forced into a corner. Do we? Be honest.

There's nothing especially attractive about either party(the GOP establishment should be on notice too) at this point but the fact that the Communist party has ties to the Dems is enough to convince me the Dems are worse.The fact that Obama is a Marxist is especially convincing that we don't have the luxury of dragging this race out.

Romney is going to have to overcome all these things and reach out to conservatives. If we get treated like we have cooties he's sol. He has to draw the line in the sand w/ Obama and the surest way to do that is embrace conservatism. He'd better have this epiphany soon. McCain was a moderate and truth be told if it weren't for Palin he would have done worse. The moderate thing is not going to work.
Mark Levin was right in his broadcast on 5/17.Romney had no problem playing dirty with the Rep candidates(not a quote here;but the gist of what he said)and now he's going wimpy(my word)on Obama.
The answer for Romney? -->get beenlevinitized

If he would put the 59 point plan to rest it wouldn't hurt either .Just sayin.
I love you
Herman Cain was never afraid to call out Obama.Right from the beginning Evil or Very Mad

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