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Post by boxerpaws on Thu May 10, 2012 3:03 am

Dad was a simple guy and a life long Democrat. Not that he didn't vote Republican but he was definitely registered with that D in front of his name. Dad made it clear though. The President is supposed to be the POTUS of ALL the people he would say-not just his party. So yes,there were elections Dad would vote Republican. He wasn't a toe the party line person.
Dad never made it past 8th grade. He came from a large family of 14 and they had to quit school to help support the family. His dad worked the coal mines and one day they closed. They were strict in those days. If you didn't come home on time you got locked out of the house. You earned your money and gave most of it to the family. You didn't know what it was to get anything for Christmas. I mean that literally. They didn't know what it was to get even a single a toy. Dad worked his whole life and became an interior decorator. He was the best. He built our home by himself from top to bottom. Did the electrical work,the plumbing and all the decorating. Honest to God there was no one better at what he did than dad. Of course working with dad was no picnic. He didn't expect less from you than he did of himself.

Dad wasn't book smart. Dad was life smart and self educated. I loved his sayings. If he didn't think kindly of something; he would say it wasn't worth the powder to blow it away. He told us if we couldn't say something nice about someone not to say anything at all. If he lost a hand at cards or played the lottery and lost he would call it a piece of cheese. He killed me with these sayings.
He couldn't stand my little dog or he ACTED like he couldn't stand my little dog but he'd slip him some food every chance he got. That was Herbie. Herbie would sit by dad out near the garden. We worked there a lot. The garden kept my dad alive for years. I was sure that is where he would pass away. During the depression that's what you did. You grew your own food. Dad also told us his Mussolini story a thousand times. I know exactly how Benito died. Heard about it enough. Dad fought in WWII and when he came back he and mom married.
Unfortunately dad suffered horribly from Parkinson's-as well as having a bad heart-but fortunately he was at home till the day he passed away in his sleep. I know dad well enough to know he would have liked Mark Levin as much as i do. Dad would like that Mr Levin was not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for the country.
Anyway,thank you dad(mom too)for everything you did for us kids. I look forward to being with both of you again but for now we have a country that is on the edge of disaster and we have to save it.

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