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Most of America Doesn't Care

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Most of America Doesn't Care

if i walked up to 5 ppl in any town/city in America and took a poll on who they might vote for some would say Obama. Then i would say,"you would vote for a Marxis?". I bet at least one of these ppl would be aghast. or think i was crazy. If they were young enough they might not know what a Marxist is.
There would be ppl who would think i was disrespectful and others would label me extreme.

You see most Americans don't care.You and i tweet. We know what the liberals are saying. We know what the conservatives are saying. The vast majority of Americans aren't saying much of anything. They know the economy is where it is from their pov and they have the typical view if one party doesn't it fix it maybe the other one will. Or one party would do worse at fixing it so let's stick with what we have.

They don't care about Obama's ideology and probably don't even know he has one. He's a Democrat. They know that and he's trying to fix the economy. They may think he's doing a good job or not but that's about it.

They have no idea who his associates were and don't really care. They're not going to research it and any finger pointing at Obama from the other side. is just the way politics go.
This is the left of or right of center that everyone talks about. The moderates.
For me,they are ppl who are moderately asleep. They go vote though. You don't have to know much to vote. A name and a party are basically it.

This is why Obama puts out those ads on tv. He's trying to reach the moderates. You're not going to hear typical Obama in these ads. He's certainly not going to say things like "when you redistribute the wealth it's good for everyone." You're not going to hear him call the Rep in Congress obstructionist,grama hating, un-
compassionate ppl. He's not going to ramble in fancy rhetoric he reads off a teleprompter. He's going to make it look like he's actually tried to do something and sound pretty sensible at that.

Are the ads going to be a lie? You bet. Is Dick Morris going to put out a video and take these lies to task? You bet Are those moderate average Americans going to look up Dick Morris and see those videos? Nope.
Are the moderates going to believe what they're seeing.? Most of them.

The real problem is that Obama IS a Marxist. He's got a suit and a tie and carries the title of Pres. but still a Marxist.
My dilemma is that the GOP didn't stand up for the candidate i was supporting. Herman Cain. It wasn't that they were anti Cain;It's that the fix was in for Romney.
I would call my own theory crazy except that it was just too obvious this time.

Romney is not my guy. Under different circumstances i would not vote for him in a zillion years. However, given the choice between Romney and Marxist;i'll take Romney. Besides if Obama gets a (God forbid)2nd term he will be unfettered. IF Romney wins the election it's his first and ppl will hold his feet to the fire. If it doesn't work out his time is up in 4 yrs. So do i want to give Obama the chance to finish what he already started? NO WAY ON EARTH. i know it stinks but let's be honest. It all stinks this time.
There's just too much at stake here to screw this up.

You don't take the one mistake the GOP made and compound it with a bigger one.
It's just not worth it. Our country is worth more than the GOP or my candidate. I know Cain deserved better. but i also know he would agree that we're just not as important as saving our country no matter how upset (deep down)we really are at the unfairness of it all.

What amazes me is that ppl heard the lies against Cain and didn't question them. They jumped ship.
Does the left jump ship when their candidates and heroes get caught in something they actually DID? Nope.
So where are our brains? Why did we let the left do this to us? It wasn't the ppl who figured out what really happened that let this go-we figured it out.

We could tell it was the "nov surprise" intended to take out Cain bc he was polling ahead of Romney/Obama. It was those moderates again. If the media says it then it must or might be true. If the media ignores Cain then he can't be someone to pay attention to. If the media thinks Herman Cain is stupid-well,he must be stupid.

If the media says he MAY have done this or was ACCUSED of doing this-well then it's probably true and we better bail. I think it was called the flavor of the week at the time. Everyone got their turn although Cain's positives stayed up on the high side beyond his opponents. I warned the folks at the time.Stick with Cain or get stuck w/ Mittens. It was Romney all along and the GOP and establishment wasn't going to have anyone else be the nominee but him. He had the money to trash everyone else-unfortunately Cain did not have that kind of money-nor did anyone else to fight back.

Cain said all along. We didn't have to beat Romney,just beat Romney's money. He was right(again).
However,we're backed against the wall here ppl and MUST vote Romney and vote in huge no. Ok,so he's not the best choice. I get that. I also get this is what we did the last time and stayed home. We're crying we have Obama now. We know that we need to get him outta there.

We've been waiting for what seems like forever to get him out of the WH. We can't do what we did last time. You cannot depend on the other ppl pulling this off for you-as much as i'm not thrilled about having to do this it's better than sitting around having a fit and regretting it later. I wouldn't let the liberals in this country have the satisfaction either. We do that and we will never recover or keep the grounds we've gained.

The left is going to use Romney's religion. Tell them to stick it in their ear. They never cared for Christianity anyway and now they're going to pretend they do? Besides, Obama is a secular humanist and manipulates religion and religious groups. The truth is they're full of crap. I wouldn't even let them try this one.
Religion never mattered to them before. Why start now. If they're so concerned tell them to stand up to Obama's attacks on the Catholic Church.
They won't.
I can always hope that there will be a brokered convention and ppl would see a great candidate in Herman Cain like we do-but i can't stake everything on that hope. If it happens-wow. If it doesn't i'm ready to march on and get Marxist outta the White House.
I'm definitely not going to permit the left to attack Romney unfairly especially when they need to take a closer and HONEST look at what they have in the WH. Rule of thumb; never let the left attack anyone UNFAIRLY even if you can't stand that person. You can legitimately criticize anyone in politics if it's warranted but you should not attack anyone unfairly.Name calling is not an argument.

What do we do about these moderates? Probably can't do much.Put the truth out there as much as you can ,where you can in the hopes it might reach them. Just do the best we can and then out number them in droves come Nov. I don't know that telling them Obama is a Marxist is going to do much good. I doubt they're picking up copies of Ameritopia (give it to them).

They probably have no idea who Saul Alinsky is and there's no sense telling them a thing about him. Just point out frequently what so and so can do for the economy and what Obama is doing (frequently) to energy. For instance coal and gas. Something they can see right where they're at. Mention food prices( and often). Foreclosures on homes. The obvious that the media is going to try and cover up. Their eyes do work. They won't buy that obama is doing it deliberately but they will attribute it to incompetence.

Herman Cain at Gathering of Eagles:
getting the moderates to vote.Enthusiasm. Yep.