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"Question Everything"

We begin by taking a little trip down memory lane. I recall racing home from school to catch Dark Shadows-first major crush ever. Johnathan Frid. RIP Mr Frid. A lot of us 'kids' raced home from school to see this black and white soap. There was a wonderful period in this life that was so innocent and fun. Loved being a kid.It's a shame the way it is for kids now.

We did homework. We played outside. We had chores. We went to church every Sunday. I also remember blasting Aretha Franklin from an item called a record player and being told i would go deaf. Mom was right though-i eventually became pretty close to deaf.

We went to dances on weekends though the boys generally gawked around on one side and gals on the other.
I recall a paper the folks got with the headline "world beatnik swarm grows" with a photo of a young lady sporting very long hair and bellbottoms. Note that it wasn't too long after this headline we were sporting very long hair like Chers and bellbottoms. (Sonny and Cher were a big deal because they were actually a very hip married couple.) The word was don't trust anyone over 30 and question everything. The world beatnik swarm(a term of the 50's)was actually the hippie movement. It took awhile for the media to catch up.

Mom still loved Lawrence Welk and i still loved Aretha Franklin(followed by Otis Redding, and some of the other top 20 hits). Certain this all must have been a culture shock for mom. As for the 'question everything' it goes a little deeper. God Bless our folks who had so little-survived the depression and WII-and worked so hard to make sure we lived a fairly comfortable life. We were not rich by a long shot but we could attend school, have a decent meal and a nice home. So now we were to question everything including the very fabric of all that these people cherished? The truth is there is a value in questioning everything.The mistake of our generation was to take what we questioned and assume it all had to be thrown out the window. We didn't always take the time or THOUGHT to discern what values might be worth keeping.

I will give you that the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's was a stellar turning point for our country. I will also give you that the anti war movement was a useful tool for ppl like Bill Ayers,Timothy" turn on ,tune in and drop out" Leary and Ayers wife,.Bernardine Dohrn.
The truth is these ppl were insane. Don't think for a minute that being off the wall crazy cannot occur in groups. The 60's for as much as it was interesting in many ways is not exactly a period that ought to be glorified.
By the time they got to Woodstock they were half a million strong. Certainly it was a collective consciousness for some reason to descend upon this farm and listen to the music of the time but outside of that it wasn't much of a major accomplishment.
They got high,tripped and were openly promiscuous. Leary,Ayers and Dohrn were 'revolutionaries' but when you tear down and destroy you have to build up. The problem is the Constitution and our founding fathers had it right.Che,Mao and Stalin had it all wrong and brutally murdered millions of people between the 3 of them.
The Weather Underground and SDS used the war as a rallying point but that was sheer nonsense. The war just happened to come along their way.They were just plain whacked and needed to look justified,credible and appear to have good reason to be whacked.
There's nothing like pretending to take the high moral ground and even convince yourself that you are-then leading a lot of other sheepie to think this too. Of course,these same ppl would argue that they're not the sheepie.
The truth is that it takes a lot more real courage to do what is morally right than to fall into group think to do what is morally wrong.

The other quote-don't trust anyone over 30-was a riot. The problem with that quote is obvious. Eventually we became the over 30 ppl and found out that some of the things we questioned were intrinsically good and highly valuable.

Some of these people sunk their teeth into this ideology though. One Barrack Hussein Obama did. The ppl in the media are the ppl of that generation. They got suits,ties and jobs but they took their leftist pov with them.
Pls .Get over the 60's. It wasn't that great.

We're not going to roll into some wonderful land with rainbows,unicorns and the ,fountain of youth. Sometimes wars are necessary because there are evil ppl in the world.Marriage is a 1,000's yr old institution that is the ideal even if ppl don't always live up to it. Patriotism is actually a virtue. Our Constitution is a very remarkable document and is and hopefully always will be the law of the land given to us by our Christian forefathers.

It doesn't evolve. If it needs interpreted then we look to the Declaration of Independence,it's philosophical framework, to determine what our founding fathers meant.
What really kills me is when these lefties attack conservatives taking the high moral ground when they argue against there even being a moral ground,

What kills me is when conservatives run for cover. For instance when Herman Cain got accused. Come on. There were a lot of Rep who high tailed it. Who were these ppl in the media to even point a finger? We should have told the media to stick it in their ear and voted for him anyway.

Now you're mad because we have 2 terrible choices and one is not even an option. OBAMA. No we cannot afford to stay home THIS time. Yep .we had a terrible choice last time too-thank you GOP-but had we gotten out the vote last time we wouldn't be doing it again would we?

So here's the choice. At the least a crummy choice in Romney or a MARXIST. MARXIST is not even a consideration. If you don't think Romney is conservative-many of us don't-then just make sure you do something about Congress. We can win there. Remember too that not everything we win is political in nature. In fact i would argue it's more important to win the culture war-the battleground of ideas-than political offices because that is where we are REALLY losing the battle. When we lose that battle it spills over into the political ones. You cannot convince the ppl to vote conservative if they honestly believe being conservative is 'stupid' in the first place.

We're letting them write the narrative because they aggressively grabbed it and they are not going to easily let go.Pry their leftist fingers off of it.Show them what sheepie they really are. Point out some irrefutable truths.
Sorry Obama.The sky is blue,the sun is yellow,the clouds are white and the grass is green.

Take that as another way of my saying there is an objective morality and reality both If you don't question everything then you become a sheepie. .Yes, question everything but when you come upon an objective truth first admit it then embrace it. You can't call a lie the truth or the truth a lie or good,evil and evil good for too long. People with half a brain will call you out.

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