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Will Conservatives Support Romney?

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Will Conservatives Support Romney? Empty Will Conservatives Support Romney?

Post by boxerpaws on Wed May 30, 2012 7:07 am

This is one person who would just as soon be voting 4 Herman Cain. That said,the question we probably should be asking is-do conservatives want to get Obama out of office.? Ok,so we have to vote and have to vote in huge numbers-nose plug and all if necessary-for Romney.
I can't believe i'm saying that but there's no way on earth i am lending a hand in getting Obama re-elected for a 2nd term. If we thought the first was bad enough;the 2nd would be the end of America as we know it.
For that matter,i would just like to see someone get these terrible food prices down where we don't spend 100.00 and come home with one grocery bag. Where unemployment might actually get below 8%. That is REALLY get below 8%. Where the gov't wouldn't be half as corrupt. Since when do we have Secret Service agents cavorting with prostitutes? And bloggers having their lives and families threatened bc they wrote an expose of Brett Kimberlin? (Ties to Obama admin?).How bout those czars,including the most recent addition of assassination czar answerable to no one but the King(Obama)?

If i wasn't so tired i could easily list-YOU could easily list-100 items from a-z of why NOT to vote for obama. So do we have to vote romney. I don't like the answer but the answer is yes.If Romney goes after Obama-we have to back him. We don't have to be crazy about Romney to back the truth.
Aw come on.We've had worse than Romney and let's be honest. Obama is the worst. So we don't necessarily have to believe Romney is the greatest thing to happen. He isn't going to garner much enthusiasm. Don't care-at this point we don't need enthusiasm.We need VOTES.
Anyway,that's where i'm at with this. I WILL vote Romney.. i hated the thought of having to say that but we can't afford not to. It's a terrible argument but it's the honest to God truth.
On the up side we can get Conservatives in Congress and we have been. Let the GOP have their winner. We can get some good ppl in Congress. Hold Romney's feet to the fire.
Herman Cain's solutions revolution has been getting behind some conservative Caindidates and they've done well.Fight like hell to get these ppl elected. This will make a difference long after Romney is gone! It matters.
If you have a hard time voting for Romney think about winning seats in Congress.
That more than makes up for it. We have to get Obama out of office. PERIOD.
There is no better argument.
None and there's no way to justify it. We are not going to fix the GOP. We'll be fixing ourselves. We will be destroying our own country. Was i angry and disappointed about Herman Cain? Yep.
Was the process lousy? Yep. Was the fix in for Romney before this race even started? Everyone knows.
It's still not a good enough reason to let Obama win re-election. We have to move on-2016 will be the year for change. We can't keep going down this road.
Do i want to vote for Romney? No. Do i have to vote for Romney? Yes. Should we be fair and give him a chance? Yep. Should we focus on Congress and not let this OPPORTUNITY get by us? Straight up,darn right.
It took awhile for me to get to this point. It didn't come easily but there's reality to deal with. We cannot leave the country Obama would leave us with for our grandkids.How could we look them in the eye and say we did this. It's a sacrifice. Know it is. It's only 4 yr ppl. and things COULD be worse. WAY worse.. We stayed home last time and look where that got us. Not this time. Let's live to fight the battle another day,K? Please get out to vote and PLS make sure your friends,family and neighbors do. This time it's not enthusiasm.The numbers are gonna count.

Will Conservatives Support Romney? Maxine10

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