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Mood.in a funk

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Mood.in a funk

Maybe not just in the funk. Maybe downright crabby. Tired of the nasty liberal tweets on Twitter. I want a dollar for every time i read the F word used in conjunction w/ Herman Cain. These are the compassionate and caring liberals. Not so much.They're vulgar,crude and intolerant.
Worse you can't turn on the news anymore without getting anything but propaganda. I didn't think i'd live to see the day.

These dimwits are going to go down in history as being in the pocket of the worst Potus in our history. I wouldn't want to be part of this media. We will remember how they campaigned for him,covered for him and fell all over him. It is how they will be remembered. Where were these ppl when Nixon needed them? Nixon was corrupt enough but at least he didn't get away with it.

Personally i don't care if Romney ends up being Potus. As long as it's not Obama. Am i thrilled it's Romney? Nope.Vote for him? Yep. Have to. Be glad to get that one over with.Plug nose, cast vote, get on with life. Finally, tell the GOP to take a flying leap just like i told the Dem party to take one.
Best thing that happened this year. Mark Levin's Ameritopia. Great title. Combination of America and Utopia,The State is not going to solve all your problems, legislate the sun to shine every day, cure every ill or make sure the grass is greener on your side of the fence. You wish.

It's that stupid 60's crap coming back around.Could we grow up now? Behind it all is George Soros with his own world view using ppl like Obama,Hillary, and other left wing crazies.It's Van Jones with his skewed and crazy world view that's spelled out clearly in Rules for Radicals.
Don't kid yourself about Hillary either. Her ratings may be high and she may have opposed Obama but she's no different. They have the same pov. The same goal. She's just as radical. She just wanted the position for herself.

A state can certainly force you to believe it can save the world,save you and then penalize you for believing otherwise;the otherwise being the truth. The state can also lie to you and if you're wishy washy enough you can be convinced.
Second best thing to happen this year. Gov Scott Walker winning his re-election in Wisconsin and watching the lSM go incredibly crazy trying to drum up reasons rather than face the obvious.

Slow down silly. You're going to wear yourself out.

Tired. In a funk. I really don't want to write about anything that you probably already know about anyway.
We'll take some good examples of the crazy media to post this week. Think i'll grab some of the lovlier liberal tweets to share this week also. We'll get the cream of the crop here.. I'm also trying to win a free signed copy of Herman Cain's new book 999 an Army Of David's but since i never win anything am going to end up buying the book eventually.Will be back Monday when i'm honestly up to a decent blog.
Have a great weekend. Worship at your choice of house of worship and spend time w/ your family.

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