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Obama is full of.... Empty Obama is full of....

You're a Democrat.Fine .it's a 2 party system. Wouldn't have it any other way.Socialist,Marxist or as Levin puts it a believer in Utopia talk to the hand. Obama is full of crap,lies. false ideas,himself.
To be honest though i'm not too happy with either party because that's the problem. Party.They're far too interested in their own party winning than worrying about the coming apocalypse. It's about maintaining the status quo only this yr they're spending massive amounts of money to run negative,nasty ads about the other guy. So who has the most money wins.
If you can dream up a good lie for the idiots to fall for,even better. The same ppl who complain about the LSM are the same ppl who believe the lies the lSM puts out.
Trust me,ppl were all in panic mode when Herman Cain was accused by Ginger White.
The one bright spot-cause for celebration-Gov Walker's win in Wisconsin and a few other conservative wins here and there but for the most part people are falling back into the same old traps. Can you imagine anyone not wanting to abolish property taxes? Can you imagine anyone wanting to continue with the same tax code just because we can't step outside our comfort zone.
Here's Obama getting advice from James Carville and the next tactic(if obama listens to him at all)will be trying to bait the Rep into a debate over social issues so we can ignore the trouble the economy is in-and aint getting out of anytime soon if O is re-elected(definitely)and not much better if Romney is elected-but at least he stops us from going over the cliff long enough to elect a REAL game changer.
It seems like the more these libs reach for the perfect world the worse it really gets.
God help us! And they keep telling us to shut up. This is the answer? Shut up?
Someone tweeted it straight on Twitter. Same crap,different day.
Think i'll finish listening to Mark Levin and stop by later. Maybe by then i'll have an answer to all the crap.

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