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Levin Back 2 Night! Yeeehaw

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Levin Back 2 Night! Yeeehaw Empty Levin Back 2 Night! Yeeehaw

Levin is back tonight! Surprised

Cut out of the blog last night.Ave Verum-couldn't miss listening to this and watch rest of Mass PLUS Pope Benedict's message to the Church of Ireland. It was way too late and not much point coming back on.

Left the blog hanging.
I would hate to have anyone get the impression how i feel about Romney is personal.It's about Romney the candidate. On the other hand i would hate to give anyone the impression i won't vote for him. Of course i will.Consider the alternative.An Obama 2nd term. We can't even begin to consider what that would be like other than hell and the longest 4 yr we'd ever go through.

I tell Libs he's a Marxist. They get all offended and think i lose the argument being that 'over the top'. Nope. Obama IS a Marxist and if ppl don't like the truth that's just too bad.

It's not over the top. It's right on the money. You see,i knew he was bad news in 2008. So i supported McCain and got behind him big time. I really wanted Gov Huckabee. Joined Huck's Army. Wrote him in on our ballot. When push came to shove though i had to vote McCain and tried like heck to get ppl behind him. We ended up with 'let's make history' Obama. We made history all right.

This time i swore i would not use a nose plug again and was supporting Herman Cain. Know what?I still support Herman Cain and feel he's a far better candidate than Romney. Then again Romney is our ABO candidate and while i'm not going to actively support him am also going to encourage ppl to vote for him whether they like him or not.

You see i will not actively support him. Cain's my choice. Period. I cannot vote Cain though because this would only get Obama elected. Libs don't seem to get this. They are so enamored of their messiah they believe all the bad news is Bush's fault and any good news-is there any-is Obama's doing. Last i looked there wasn't any good news.

Obama has pulled some good stunts though. Like trying to drag Rep into a battle over social issues. I'm not saying these are not worth fighting for but it's a trick. If Romney is smart he won't take the bait. Stick to the economy. It's Obama's Achilles heel.

Then Obama threw the gauntlet down on the Dream Act-another trick. The Plan: 1. Get the Hispanic vote, 2. Divide the country even more. 3. Distract. Again,don't take the bait.
Stick to the economy.

We will live to fight another day on the social issues.We MUST get Obama out of there first. Those battles need to be waged on other fronts. In the trenches. We can't win them just by winning the White House. Or winning the Congress. Those battle fronts are going to have to be in other arenas.

More on that another day. For now,am keeping an eye on the weather,trying to think of what we would like for supper and then sitting down for some straight talk from the Great One himself at 6:00.
well i thought he was back brickwall

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