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Why Utopia was Satire

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Why Utopia was Satire

If (St,Sir)Thomas More had written Utopia as a book reflecting his views the Church would have deemed him a heretic,not a saint.
It was SATIRE. There's no better read today than Ameritopia but i had the feeling Levin took More's book Utopia as if More was advocating such a place.
Utopia means no place and what More was trying to say is that such a place could NOT exist and for that matter should not exist.
The following would be in TOTAL disagreement with the Church and considered heresy; one couldn't even begin to imagine Thomas More supporting the practice of male and female priests, easy divorce, easy euthanasia etc.
Ameritopia should be required civics reading. Tonight Levin mentioned Chapter 7 specifically. It would be a good chapter to read on July 4th. BTW it would be a great day to tune into the premiere of Cain TV too.
Two of the best books for summer reading are Ameritopia(it will knock your socks off! ) and Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart.
Levin is on the air now. Will be back later Smile The libs are going crazy on Twitter these days. It would be a good time to blog about the craziness. Tonight folks. I'm sure I'll be getting up in the night and just happen to wander out to the keyboard.

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