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I watched the EWTN closing Mass for the Fortnight of Freedom at the Basilica in Washington DC this morning.
It was a beautiful liturgy but sad. I didn't think i would ever live to see the day when religious liberty in the United States of America would be threatened. This is the last great hope of so many people world wide. In fact it was the best hope for many people beginning from our founding. I maintain and always will that the first freedom to be attacked by dictators,tyrants and despots IS religious freedom and after that the rest follow.

So the message today is.,be on guard even with Presidents who claim to be Christian. Do not go by what they say but by what they DO.
It goes deeper though. Our culture lead by a minority and aided by our institutions have whittled away at religious freedom and common decency for years. They are loud and bold. We have been silent and timid. We can't afford this attitude any longer. The secular humanists among us do NOT understand what freedom is. They have the very misguided and incorrect understanding that freedom means being able to do whatever we want.
Sorry-nice try but that's NOT freedom;that's license as in the word LICENTIOUSNESS.
Freedom is the ability or put another way the liberty to do the moral good or ought. We are never permitted-even common sense tell us-to do EVIL. Period. End of story.

Now people will bring up the establishment clause. The establishment clause says NOTHING about the separation of church and state or the divorce of religion from the public square.
What it says is that Congress cannot make laws establishing a church meaning the POTUS of the United States is not going to be the head of a state church nor is Congress going to force anyone to join a church it establishes. The establishment clause was only intended to prevent a state church like the Church of England. It says more about the government saying out of religious affairs than it says about religious institutions staying out of the public square.

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom of worship although that is included; because all that would give citizens is the right to worship period. Freedom of religion means we can live our religious beliefs in all walks of life without fear of being persecuted. We cannot say this is true today.

Secular humanists would like to make the recent battle between the Catholic Church and Obama about birth control and abortion. WRONG.WRONG.WRONG.

If a person wants to obtain either of these they are very available almost anywhere. What the Church is up in arms about is being forced by law to be the ones providing or advocating practices that violate their FREEDOM Of CONSCIENCE What you do is your business whether we (Catholics)consider it morally wrong or not.
However, we cannot be expected to violate our conscience by participating and worse forced to violate our consciences by law.
We will NOT comply.
You can get your abortion or your birth control any place you like; but not here(Catholic institutions)and we do not have to pay for it.
Freedom of religion also permits the non believer to live without persecution. It does not force the non believer to believe-that's a matter of free will and reason.
Freedom of religion protects the non believer as much as it protects the believer. The words endowed by Our Creator with certain unalienable rights means the government(state)does not give us the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It also means it cannot take them away either whether you are a believer or not.
Once you believe the gov't(state)does give you those rights then you also hand to them the right to take them away.
Unless we have a real understanding of what freedom actually is we stand to lose it-including the secular humanists who are all about taking religion out of the public square.
These same secular humanists have removed all mention of religion and morality from our institutions. What matters is doing evil and being able to get away with it. As long as the law doesn't catch up with us we're fine.
Then we're SHOCKED when we read the headlines. You turn our culture into a swamp you cannot expect a different outcome.
We're either going to understand the true meaning of freedom or we are going to continue to suffer the consequences of licentiousness.
No welfare program is going to solve the problem of unwed pregnancies, high divorce numbers,the breakdown of the family and drug abuse. It's not compassionate to ignore the underlying causes of the issues we face and slap on a band aid over and over.
That's liberalism. Rather than say we have a moral decline in our country and are suffering the consequences liberalism says let's just keep doing the same things over and over and eventually we will get a different outcome.
The idea that emulating the depraved is freedom comes from a lack of right reasoning. Again,it's license and it lacks any reasoning or clear thinking.
The media is complicit yet ppl keep putting stock in the media to be telling its citizens the objective truth. The media has its agenda and will stoop to any level with its subjective opinion, outright lies and cover ups. How can anyone put stock in our media anymore? Don't our eyes work?
Can't we think for ourselves?

We've all run into liberals. I was a Democrat at one time. The party left me. The people i've run into convince me on a daily basis that i made the right choice.. They name call,the use the f word every other word and stoop to the lowest levels and i'm supposed to run back to that party?
They convince me i definitely made the right choice. and why i should never go back.
I've even had a few death threats and been called the most vile things.. This is the way they roll. In the end they say i'm intolerant. This is the worst insult the left thinks it can drag out on you after they call you the vilest things.

If they mean i won't tolerate evil. That's right.I won't . That's not tolerance;that's permissiveness. Big difference.

If you value the freedoms our military has sacrificed so much for;if you value the freedom our founding fathers put so much on the line for then stand up for religious freedom. It's the safeguard for all the other freedoms. Anyone who thinks doing away with religious freedom-a freedom we are guaranteed- will make us better off is a FOOL. The liberals who think this is a great idea will be the sorriest. They will not escape the consequences. The time will come.

We have to get out and vote in huge numbers this time. We cannot afford to stay home and hope the person next door does the right thing. We cannot afford another 4 yr of Obama. He's attacked the most fundamental of our rights. Who cares if Romney is not Reagan or the best choice. Obama is the worst choice.By the time he''d get done destroying our Republic in his 2nd term nobody would remember what a decent POTUS was. Obama winning is unthinkable-we MUST do the right thing this time and not just hope the next person does. We're it.

This is only the beginning. We're going to take a look at how the left has squashed out our REAL rights and turned the United States into a swamp.. We will look at how they got away with it and what we can do to fight back. Yes,we do have to fight back. Yes,we can win. Believe that. You and I both know something just isn't right anymore.

A side note;Newt Gingrich's wife sings in the choir

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