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No Comprende Romney

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No Comprende Romney

I"m not getting,with all the GREAT VP picks out there, why Romney keeps talking to the WORST possible VP picks are you?
Every name floated so far has been enough to gag MOST of us; at least if you're a conservative looking for a sign from Romney that he's going to have a conservative agenda.
We'd also like to know he's going to beat Obama and with the VP rumors we've heard so far ,good luck there.

Shoot me. Allen West is the best.
He's not the only great choice but he's the best choice for Romney. For one, he's not afraid to speak up. He's got chutzpah, cajones, courage. Whatever you call it,he's got it.
He will do a pit bull attack on Obama that Romney is too timid to do.
He's got a terrific military record. He's definitely conservative.
He's a tea party favorite. Conservative favorite. Romney needs those voters. Romney needs to fire up the base and West will do just that. I can't even come up with a reason West should not be Romney's pick.
Herman Cain was smart enough to consider West his first choice.

<-this man has VP written all over him

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