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Ok. it's Sun now not Sat night.
I think we're going to keep the blog rolling for awhile since the fan forum doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Now for that topic. Our objective not the least bit biased and complicit media:
It really began to roll for me at least when they did the hit job on Herman Cain,. Yep, he was my first choice and to this day is STILL my first choice except that we gotta get obama out of office in Nov. There is no choice.

It was then that i realized just how crappy and biased the media was-and believe me they are REALLY on a roll now trying to make sure Obama gets re-elected. Fox was Romney central during the race but you can't get any worse than the other cable outlets. At least Fox-to their credit-doesn't try to cover up the truth for Obama.

I know very well they treated Herman Cain like crap-it was too obvious but that said if you wanted to know the truth about Obama it is one of the few places you would get it. It was after Herman Cain got shoved out of the race that i totally turned off ALL news INCLUDING Fox.
You know when you have a complicit media becoming the campaign arm of the person in office that the country is in very deep trouble. You would think they'd have SOME ethics and someone would get the guts to drag journalism back to a standard of some kind.

So where do i grab the news? The internet. You have to sift and sort through it of course but at least a lot of good ppl out here have integrity if you do the homework.

Here's where we have to take some responsibility. We can't blame it all on the media.

They only have the power that WE give them and evidently we have given them far too much.

You see right before the Iowa vote Herman Cain was polling ahead of Romney and Obama BOTH.

Bingo. That's when the accusations started. Now i also heard a lot of rumbling about the hated media and how Iowans especially loathed the media. Not to lay it all at the feet of the good ppl of Iowa because a lot of conservatives were also ranting about how much they loathed the media. Everyone hates the media. Well, that's odd because as soon as these accusations got out there a lot of the media haters bought the lies.

People ate it up.
Bing-Herman Cain suspended his campaign.
We'll sum it up right here. The media is a bunch of lousy biased ppl who aren't doing their job. They wouldn't be doing this if they couldn't. That means that a lot of people need to wake up and not give the media the power they have if we didn't give it to them. This means when they went after Herman Cain we should have told them to take a leap and sent him zooming to the top of the polls even more-in fact we should have donated even more to the campaign.

Now could we please get it through our heads-since the damage has already been done-that they're not deserving of our attention and until they start doing some unbiased actual reporting we are not going to give them any ratings? They've got a job-revive actual journalism. We have a job. Stop being spoon fed.
Demand the truth until we get it. They''re nothing w/ o viewers and readers. It's that simple. They think they have power over you. and so far they have.
When is enough, enough?
It's not the media's fault as much as it ours. Exclamation


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