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crap I"m tired. let's vote Romney in huge numbers

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crap I"m tired. let's vote Romney in huge  numbers Empty crap I"m tired. let's vote Romney in huge numbers

To finish up the little ran on tolerance. Let's put it this way. I'm definitely intolerant when ppl argue for ideas that are just not good for the country,the culture or our Western Civilization. Bottom line;; that's same sex marriage. You attack the family and you attack the cornerstone of everything that has sustained our civilization. You can argue that their getting married doesn't affect marriage. baloney. Of course it does all in the name of accepting a sexual proclivity What you do is your business. You make your own choices. Do not open this can of worms and think you can manipulate a 2,000 yr old institution that the human race is based upon.

You don't have a choice? Sure you do. Most of us exercise self control in some way.We can talk about the marriage aspect of this another day. We need to go there. And i'm allowed to say this. Nothing to boycott here over my use of FREE SPEECH.
I want to move on because frankly am tired of Obama and the media and people who just don't get it. Am i crazy about Romney? Don't think so. At this point i'd vote a cockroach over this liar in office.

The media-how can people suck up this garbage as real news? How can they not miss they''re protecting Obama. How can the economy be so bad,the country so divided and everything going down the toilet so quickly and the media STILL talks about Obama like it's all hunky dory. How can they protect him? The media-evidently they're pretty sure people are stupid enough to fall for it IN SPITE OF what they can actually see with their own 2 eyes.
Levin is right.We don't dare stay home. So Romney isn't your favorite guy. Romney isn't the candidate you wanted. Me either but to LET Obama win is just plain self destructive. We all wish a lot of things in life and we don't always get them. We can survive Romney> We CANNOT survive Obama especially in a 2nd unfettered term where he would do such a power grab it wouldn't matter who our favorite candidate was. We will long forget what it was all about. We will not be able to recover. The country you would have given your kids and grandkids will be gone. The race will be a distant memory by then. It won't even matter.

So le't's stand up in huge numbers people. Grab a friend, family member and neighbor. Mark Levin challenged the people to get 10 ppl for each of us out to vote. Make it a goal. You don't have to think Romney's a savior. That's how they looked at Obama. He's just a guy who at least has some common sense and decent background. It's not about him. It's about Obama and us. We're not fighting for Romney.

We're going out to vote for OUR FAMLIES, OUR KIDS FUTURE,OUR COUNTRY.. All those ppl who gave their lives for our freedoms. Do it for THEM so they haven't died in vain.

Vote. How long does it take? How difficult is it?
ALL of us! You know how we got Obama the last time? Let's not make same mistake twice.
Catholic? How could you even CONSIDER Obama? His goal is to take down the Catholic Church. Not that he can but my gosh he's attacked us left and right. How could anyone miss it?
Jewish.? Same question. His support of the Muslim Brotherhood alone would be enough to have me run to the pols to vote Romney. He's thrown Israel under the bus so many times even the bus is gonna need retreads.

An aside; thinking about changing the font style. Something easier to read. Like courier news,comic sans.

crap I"m tired. let's vote Romney in huge  numbers Bad_la10

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