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it took a few times around to have it sink in that Ryan was the VP pick and that it was a not just a good choice. but a great one. My first hope was Allen West and it was definitely not Portman. He was the first rumor. Portman spelled DOOM.

Romney was not my first choice for nominee either. It was Herman Cain. Shame he suspended. Someday i may be able to articulate what Cain's suspension meant to me. Need some hindsight and there hasn't been enough time since then and the time it took to have it REALLY sink in that Romney was our nominee. I may have to eat crow. We'll see. I have more trust in Romney now than say a week ago anyway.
It will probably wax and wane-go up and down-between now and Nov 7th. That's ok. I'll support the Romney-Ryan ticket with enthusiasm and they will get my vote. Hubby too. We did say anyone but obama and at least NOW there's a message to go with that.
The ONLY gripe i have left is the absence of Cain to speak at the Convention. That's wrong.
Reince, wake up. silent

McCain,Condi and Huckabee? No Cain?
Back when Cain was running(and winning) i met some ppl i had no idea existed. ABC's. Gifted bloggers,writers,a radio host, the brilliant mind of Thomas Sowell,public servants and citizens.
Prior to this i was clueless. This brings me to the next topic.

I tweeted to a gentlemen on Twitter;it looks like the old white boy club at the GOP again. I was pushing for West for VP before the Paul Ryan announcement was made.
I got chastised. So it was about race.
Well,yes and no.The person who tweeted rightfully pointed out that black conservatives are attracted to great ideas not skin color. I know darned well they don't vote for someone because they are black anymore than i vote for someone because they are white. I know better than that.
It then begs the question. Why do people pick one candidate over another?
That is, what is it about this person that attracts my support over another when they are basically running on the almost the same ideas? After all it's the same party.They are not really miles apart.
We look at a candidate this way;
1. questions re their character
2.. Do they share the values that are important to me?
3. what are their positions on the issues of the day?
4. do i identify with this candidate in some way?

No 4 can be the deal breaker. We may not want to admit no 4 but i posit that people are attracted to a candidate they identify with. I think this is why many black conservatives supported Herman Cain.
He shared the values that were important to us. We liked his positions on the issues of the day. He was a man of character,conviction and integrity. For me,he wore the Reagan cloak For black conservatives i think it was an all of the above. They could identify with Cain. Not necessarily because he was black. It was because he shared with them the experience of being a black conservative. No matter how much we have in common because we are conservative; there is a special experience of being a black conservative that is different than being a conservative. Maybe i'm wrong but that's my take.

Now that brings me around to George W. Bush. A candidate i picked based on character. People-even Rep-ditched Bush. They criticize him ( a lot).You can say what you like but after Clinton Pres Bush brought back a level of respect for the office of Potus. He had a lot of respect for the office himself. Now you look at Obama who is worshiped by the media(and his supporters i should add)and even a hint of criticism he can't handle. He's thin skinned and arrogant. Bush was relentlessly criticized and never said a peep. He was gracious no matter what.
I recall the civility of George Bush. BTW. If you look at his record you have to admit it wasn't THAT bad. Did he make mistakes? Sure. I liked that he vindicated what the Clinton machine and the liberal media did to his father. I liked that he brought a level of decency back to the WH. I liked that he had principles he would stand up for especially on the issue of abortion.
Ironically his detractors pointed out his weaknesses on foreign policy but in the end foreign policy came to be his strongest suite.
Yes, i voted for Bush twice.
No apologies. BTW. The first question i ask about any candidate is,.are they pro life and if they're not? Doesn't matter which party. They don't get my vote.
Yes,i am a single issue voter in a matter of speaking.. I look at the life question first and go from there.


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