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So Much For "Tolerance" Part I

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So Much For "Tolerance" Part I Empty So Much For "Tolerance" Part I

the buzz word (one of them anyway)for 2012 is tolerance. I am NOT tolerant. This word should not be in the lexicon of political speech. This is not a great goal for the United States of America.There isn't a single word in the Constitution re tolerance. Not a single word in the Declaration of Independence re tolerance. The Bill of Rights does not guarantee tolerance.

Here's why we should run for the hills when we hear the word tolerance. Let's take a look at colonial[tolerant]Maryland when the government of Maryland opened the door to Catholics in 1632.

The original charter of 1632, welcomed all Christian settlers, no matter what denomination. Pennsylvania (and for five years New York) were the only others among the thirteen colonies that granted such a liberty to Catholics. Maryland, in 1634, had only 3000 Catholics out of a population of 34,000.
source: http://catholicism.org/maryland-hardly-a-refuge-for-persecuted-catholics.html
Here is the problem with tolerance. Yep, the charter made Maryland a refuge for Catholics but lo and behold a sea change in 1654.
... the Puritans so dominated the colony that Catholics found themselves actually outlawed, the persecution becoming so intense that they fled to Pennsylvania. Although Catholics eventually returned to Maryland in small numbers, they still, even until 1776, were not allowed to hold public office, establish schools, or conduct religious services. Land that had been owned by the Jesuits was confiscated by the government. For over a century, from 1654 to 1776, no priest dared to enter the colony unless under disguise.
source: http://catholicism.org/maryland-hardly-a-refuge-for-persecuted-catholics.html
No folks ..it's not about granting people the privilege of government putting up with them.You see how that works out.It's about people having the freedom to disagree with each other without killing each other.

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