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The RNC Convention,best and worst

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The RNC Convention,best and worst Empty The RNC Convention,best and worst

This blog reflects the pov of the author and not necessarily the great one,Mark Levin.Unless noted otherwise all opinions are solely mine and they may or may not agree w/ an opinion Mr Levin holds. He's still awesome. We don't always have to agree with ppl we admire.

Best speeches; Paul Ryan, "Condi" Rice
Most Memorable Moment; Clint Eastwood. We're still talking about the empty chair aren't we and the most quoted lines are from his monologue.
To be honest i like Eastwood as an actor and admire his courage to speak up as a conservative but i was hoping Herman Cain would be the 'mystery speaker'.Still,ya gotta give Eastwood kudos. Sharp for 82 and still pretty good looking for his age.
Rising Star to watch;Mia Love. Be sure she gets elected out in Utah.
WORST group;the Paul bots. i think they marched out of the convention like a bunch of liberals. Just sayin.
The Convention over all. A huge infomercial that could have been wrapped up in 1 day.
The WORST moment;the RNC power grab that nobody is really discussing.We need to discuss this [a lot.]
The WORST infomercial yet to come;the DNC coronation of Obama and a freak show most Americans won't relate to beginning with the symbolic sand sculpture of Obama. He's hinting at a spot on Mt Rushmore. Disgusting.

Sad need some

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