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Are We Better People?

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Are We Better People?

This one is definitely the opinion of author-not Mark Levin. Does not mean the great one might not agree with it-but then he again he might not. So let's not blame Mr Levin if you find the entry offensive.I'm sure some ppl are going to get REALLY offended.
i keep running into ppl who read a comment and reply back with who are you to shove your religious beliefs/morality on us-or down my throat-you know the retort. Makes you wonder? Who would want to live in a society that didn't have its foundation in morality?
I get it. It's always more fun to do whatever you want and have a lame excuse ready.
Some of us are the kings and queens of lame excuses. Let's get a new start:
1. How would it be if taught our kids to dress modestly and teach them self respect as well as respect for others. I don't know that Madonna/Lady Gaga are good role models for young girls-or even young boys for that matter.
It's a bit scary to think they supposedly represent our culture. Did we slip?
2. How would it be if we protected human life from conception to natural death? This is a novel concept? Why are we even arguing?
3. What if we would reinforce marriage as the cornerstone of society and a good place to raise children. You know-mom and dad.Common sense and anecdotal evidence tells us that children do better being raised by a mother and father. We know that our sexual identity comes from the male/female relationship in marriage. Let's get men back into our culture as the protector of women and children.
4. Let's drop class warfare so the poor don't resent the rich and the rich don't think of every single person living in poverty as being lazy and unmotivated. Not that some rich people aren't greedy and some poor people aren't lazy and envious.
This is not the way to address poverty. Nor is this the way to discuss the value of being successful.
5, Could we start being less crude and vulgar in our discourse. I'm not referring to disagreement here. Nobody in their right mind wants to stifle a genuine discussion where ppl are free to disagree. Let's just admit that the F bomb is not an argument-nor is it setting a good example for our kids. The way some people talk it amounts to verbal abuse between supposed adults.I'm getting a little tired of hearing 10-12 yr olds (even younger)rolling out vulgarities when they probably can't even SPELL the word.
Tells me we've sunk pretty low. We can't seem to teach our kids basic skills like reading,writing and for pete's sake SPELLING.Some of them can't even spell the only word they know-the f word.We owe them better.
Here's a new start;How would it be if we just cleaned up our culture?
God is Himself Truth, Goodness, and Beauty and you can add one-Unity.
How long do we have to sit in the swamp before we realize we're covered in muck? You don't have to be a Christian to realize something is wrong.You can't possibly watch the news on a regular basis and not realize we're seeing some very sick and bizarre behaviors. A decent human being has to know we can do better and that the culture is not divorced from the behaviors we see exhibited.
How can we push the envelope on decent human behavior and not go past acceptable?

Porn has to go. We accept pornography as long as this inhumane and degrading behavior is targeted to "adults" and not to people under 18.
We can't say treating people like objects is perverse?
How do you go there and not end up with all kinds of perverse behavior? How can you say this immorality is ok but this immorality is not?
There is such a thing as healthy self respect.We don't have to go back to Puritanism and treat human sexuality as something shameful;but we also have to be honest and admit that human behavior has consequences.
Let's tell our kids-set an example-that it's to their benefit to postpone gratification and exercise self control.
Let them be kids. Teach them timeless values-and not make them feel like having values is odd,abnormal or some form of leprosy.
It's this or end up with soulless human beings where the lights are on and nobody's home.
A society without values suffers a disconnect. We wake up and find out daily life is about the survival of the fittest. The more intimidating and violent win out over the weakest and most vulnerable. None of us will be safe no matter how many laws are on the books.
The prisons will be filled with people the law captures after the fact.
We are not going to create a utopia where evil does not exist.All i'm saying is that there is nothing wrong with desiring a civil and normal culture.
You can't say a little evil is ok as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Nor can you say a little good will do no good. We owe a civil and decent culture to our kids and grandkids.
I've watched the news,media and education enough to know that we've been walked on. They have stolen the narrative. We have been that silent majority and let them roll over us.They've made us out to be radical,extreme and silly.
They are even giddy when calling us names-look at them calling the tea party people
" teabaggers."What kind of journalist resorts to this? Pro life people are out to get women and conservatives are everything from racist(if you're white)or an uncle tom (if you're black).
The more normal you are-the crazier they paint you. Further,they set a standard they don't even agree with that is higher for you than for themselves.
There's nothing better than having people tell you to shove your Christian or moral principles and then[their] quoting scripture to tell you what Jesus would do.
It's time we said enough. It is not a 'war on women' to want to protect the unborn. The Declaration of Independence spelled it out. We are endowed by our Creator-not the court-with life.
Our Creator gave us liberty-not licentiousness.
Our Creator endowed us with the unalienable right to pursue happiness-not senseless unrestrained gratification leading to self destruction.
We have the right to say enough and that we won't tolerate it anymore.I will not apologize for being intolerant. Too bad. Common sense tells us you're wrong and we're not going to pay for the price for it.


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