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Not Sure. You gotta be kidding me?

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Not Sure. You gotta be kidding me?

I finally saw Obama's America 2016.Couple that with the unemployment rate,the price of groceries,gas and the tone of discourse lately I can't imagine anyone not being sure if they could vote Romney. If all that info were true under George Bush i guarantee he'd have never gotten a 2nd term. In fact i don't know of any incumbent Potus with stats not half as bad as Obama's that got a 2nd term. What the heck? What is with this guy that people would even consider giving him another term. His background alone convinces me that Romney is a half ways decent choice. He's never been my first choice but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and at least know from his background he's not a Marxist or anti American.He's got some good qualities that will make him at least a decent President and undo some of the damage obama has done. Ok he doesn't have Obama's god forsaken charisma. Who cares? I don't care if we get greek columns this time around.
Romney might even surprise most of us. Herman Cain was my first choice-always will be but this isn't about all of that now. It just can't be. There's too much at stake. In fact for me now it's not even about Romney. It's about the American people. Period. I want to wake up and be able to believe the American people would never choose a Marxist. I want to believe that even if Americans don't want to face that fact they can at least surmise that Obama is not good for the country and not vote for him again.I want to believe in us. I know it's difficult to get through to people. They have far too much faith in the corrupt media. Someone tweeted today that basically the state run media in Venezuela support Chavez by force-they have no choice but here they do it WILLINGLY. That's even worse.
They're complicit. They're doing the coverup. They're not demanding answers. They're not even asking the tough questions. They didn't the first time around. What makes anyone think they would this time? They're beating up Romney on purpose to help Obama out. I know the GOP backed Romney from the get. I also know the GOP throws a lot of ppl under the bus if it's not their elite choices. I get that. I saw what they did to Herman Cain.It helped the left get Cain out of the way. Both groups have their vested interests. It doesn't even matter now.I will not do a write in and i will definitely not vote 3rd party no matter what the GOP did and didn't do.They're irrelevant. We can deal with them later. We MUST get Obama out and vote for the nominee. He's done some good things. He picked a terrific VP.It will be Mitt's first term meaning we can hold his feet to the fire. An Obama 2nd term is just horribly unthinkable.
Even if Romney is not able or even willing to accomplish all that we would like i know he's going to make an effort to make some good choices. I know for certain Obama is going to make some terrible choices. How can anyone ignore his off the mic comment to the Russian prime minister. Or that he'd take our nuclear arsenal to zero-leaving us totally vulnerable. Unrealistic goal but even at that he's going to take us to dangerously low levels.
He was going to work wonders in the Middle East he said. The Middle East is on fire. Iran is getting closer to nukes. We've thrown Israel under the bus. What more do we need to know?
We were attacked on 9/11 and his OWN ambassador was murdered.Where's Obama? Off fundraising. On the Letterman show. The only thing Obama cares about is his own re-election. Really i don't know how anyone could be not sure and i really don't know how anyone could say they hate Romney enough to vote for Gary Johnson(or anyone else for that matter);thus THROWING the election to Obama. They may as well vote for him. It's just as Andrew Breitbart said at C-Pac, were for the nominee or we're on the other side. I finally realized how true those words were.
Don't care for Romney? At least he didn't associate with communists,marxists, radicals or cover up his associations. Do you associate with communists and radicals? You wouldn't be caught dead.
If America falls where do people go? Who stands for freedom and liberty in the world? Where is the safe haven we have always known? How will we ever hold the media accountable and find an ounce of truth in our media again unless we show them their propaganda will not work anymore?
Can't stand the GOP? Join the club. This isn't about them and i could care less about one party or the other. Pls do not let me lose faith in the American people. If they let themselves get duped again i give up.All i can say is that they will get what they deserve. The sad part is that the country that many died for and that we loved will be gone.
We must vote in huge numbers and i hope we can reach those people who are undecided. It's beyond me how anyone could not know by now.
I worry about the debates because the media will definitely be out to take down Romney and help Obama. No matter who really wins the debates-they will say Obama anyway. I hope the American people will be able to see through it.Although Obama won't be able to fall back on his teleprompter(which would help Romney)we KNOW the corrupt media is going to feed him[Obama] the questions before the debates even take place. They will be rigged.Period. I'm sure of it. I didn't think i'd live to see the day.
Let's be sure we get out to vote. Let's make sure our friends,family,neighbors vote. IF you have a disabled or elderly neighbor who can't get out to the polls PLS make sure they get absentee ballots. Try to persuade the Gary Johnson supporters(previously Ron Paul supporters) by the history of 3rd party candidates of what WILL happen. Their candidate will not win;Obama WILL and it's not worth the ego of any one person. This is about our country. It must mean something to them.


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