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How Obummer plans to win

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How Obummer plans to win

We all know Obama is trying to tank America economically. He's shoving us over a cliff. We can see it.

Of course, we all know it's Bush's fault. It's amazing how many ppl actually buy this line. Bush is not running. His term has been up for a long time. Obummer has actually been going after Romney. Hmm,. Maybe he knows it's Bush's fault has run its course. Maybe he'll try to tie Romney to Bush like he did McCain? We all know he's gonna blame someone because he IS actually TRYING to destroy the economy. He has to make sure we don't figure this out.Afterall who could do such a thing and i must be a nut for thinking this,right? Not if POTUS is a Marxist.

This means more ppl on food stamps,government assistance...so if you're a person who is out of work, dependent on government and food stamps and someone tells you those big bad greedy rich Republicans don't care about you(or the poor, or the middle class and all those things they've always said)then you might worry you'll lose what little you have left. Who would you vote for? The guy giving it to you or the guy taking it away?

Get enough ppl government dependent and there's the vote you need.
Believe me if it's your family and you have to put food on the table,pay the bills and there isn't a job to be found you know you will do what you have to do. Obama knows this.
You see he even said businesses are dependent on government. Yes,that's exactly what he meant.He was also inferring ppl are dependent on government. They certainly are now because Obama has made sure they are.
He was clear in that one statement EXACTLY what he is pushing. Gov't dependency.

You can count on the economy getting even worse and Obama blaming someone else because that is the plan.
You think this is over the top? Ask yourself:what has the Obama administration actually done to promote job growth in the last 4 yr? What was it that Obama put all his weight behind the last 4 yr? Obamacare.
Even when the American ppl opposed it. So where's the urgency about jobs?
Look at his Twitter account. Now he's calling out CONGRESS to pass a jobs bill.
He's had 4 yr and right before the election he's calling on Congress. It will be their fault.

i remember 2008. The obamazombies were told to get in our faces. They did. They called us racist bc we knew Obama was a Marxist who did not have our best interest at heart-regardless of race.He used Bush bc ppl were angry with Bush-Republicans included.
We eat our own.
Worse the GOP had their coronation and put up the worst possible person to beat Obama, They had no idea what they were up against. Now we have their 2012 pick I'll give them this;Romney certainly has a better chance to beat Obama than McCain did but let's be honest. Most of us would vote a cockroach and i even heard a tree stump over Obama. That's right ...we have to. No matter how bad you think Romney might be; a 2nd term Obama is not even an option

I'll vote Romney before i'll give Obama a 2nd term to totally destroy us.IF Obama gets a 2nd term your favorite candidate and mine(Cain)and ALL they supported won't amount to a hill of beans.It will be a distant-very distant-memory of how things were. PLS no third pary this time around no matter how po'd you are. Trust me on this; i get it and am not happy either but a 2nd term Obama will put that to rest in all of 2 seconds. A 3rd party would assure an Obama win. It's counter intuitive.

Come 2016 we can breathe easy and get the candidate of our choice but this time we MUST vote Romney. He's a decent person.We know he's a patriotic American.Something Obama is NOT.
We know Romney won't be anti business. We have his word he'll do all he can to get Obamcare repealed. That in itself is worth our support!

I hear ppl say Romney isn't Christian, My response; And Obama IS?
I'm no Romney fan by a long shot but i'm willing to be fair to him. Obama is bad news. Simple.
Romney can win me over and he's been going that route. Obama? I am counting the days like a lot of you. It can't be soon enough.Just keep in mind it's not a done deal and if Obama plays this out the way i think he will he could win. We can't afford NOT to get behind Romney.

Don't let them use us to take out Romney.If we attack Romney we play into their hands and do their dirty work FOR them. Don't give them the satisfaction! I plan to get behind Herman Cain in 2016 but for 2012? I can come to respect Romney.

Obama? I feel very safe in saying he's Marxist. No apologies. Keep in mind he won the first time around and he knows how to win. Will do ANYTHING to win and ppl voted for him w/o asking too many questions.He attacked Bush and said hope and change. [Bush wasn't even running. ]It worked. He's smooth. let's hope he smoothly gets voted out of office.

We gotta wake ppl up and not be afraid to call him the Marxist he is.Ok,if you don't believe any of this is possible at least admit he's incompetent and there's no reason to vote for him based on that alone.
Watch. The economy will get worse and he'll blame everyone under the sun.
Then he'll play up ppls fear of losing what little they have.Mark my words.
US Poverty on Track to Rise to Highest since 1960s: http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/PovertyinAmerica/2012/07/22/id/446121?promo_code=EACE-1&utm_source=&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1

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