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race riots? Naw

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race riots? Naw

anyone pick up on the articles and alleged leaks re race riots IF Obama is not re-elected? Race riots? Naw-i don't think so. How come? Simple; i believe MOST people are law abiding citizens. However,the New Black Panther party is another story. As we know they used voter intimidation in 2008 and have recently made threats re the GOP convention coming up shortly.Now they might be involved in rioting but imho they will be on their own. Ask yourself this:what good would a race riot do after and IF Romney is elected? NONE.
Ask yourself what good rumors about race riots would do BEFORE the election? MAYBE discourage ppl from voting and MAYBE that is the plan.

Personally i find it very offensive that people would try to suggest black ppl are going to take to the streets and riot because they have no respect for law,order and the Constitution.
Have their been race riots? Have their been riots per se in our history past and present? Yep. Anyone who lived through the 1960's can attest to it. Anyone who lived in LA after the Rodney King verdict can attest to it. Anyone who knows of William Ayers and his Weather Underground can attest to it. Let's be realistic here. The media always gives us the exceptions and not the rule. Law abiding citizens don't make the news. They are not a compelling story.Or put another way " the squeaky wheel gets oiled."
Source: New Black Panthers threaten GOP Convention http://redalertpolitics.com/2012/08/15/new-black-panthers-threaten-violence-at-the-republiklan-national-convention/
Source: Obama's final strategy,incite race riots. There are several sources,am using this one
The credible threat of the New Black Panthers points out one clear fact though,that DOJ is turning a blind eye. The DOJ didn't do a thing about the voter intimidation charge and they're definitely not going to do anything about this threat either. Count on it.
The New Black Panthers have a right to assembly and anyone is free to join them or support them.What they have is a right to peaceful assembly. They don't have anymore right to interfere with elections than the KKK does.
Anyway i don't believe there will be race riots because i have absolute faith in the American people to do the right thing.
BTW. this is not an endorsement of either the KKK or Black Panthers(New or Old). They have the right to a peaceful assembly and we have the right to join or not join.You could argue that neither of their goals are actually peaceful. Just sayin.

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