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We the People ,Ronald Reagan

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We the People ,Ronald Reagan

Mark Levin played an excerpt from this talk:

Definition of ideology; visionary theorizing. This is where the conservative principles Levin was talking about and ideology part company. Conservative principles are based on a world view that deals with the world in real terms;as it exists not as a social experiment to try out different government programs.Conservatism permits the individual to seek out his path in the real world which in the end naturally benefits the common good(as well as his own).
Ideologues try to impart from the government to the society rules,laws,regulations forcing large groups of individuals to embrace their vision of what the world could be like if these programs were just implemented. Anothe rwords gov't is the answer. It's not.Never has been. It's necessary. Will give you that but it has to be limited.

This is the fatal flaw of Marxism. It's the ideology of the collective with no room for the individual or the family.

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