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Levin WILL be back 2 night.  Empty Levin WILL be back 2 night.

one of the callers tonight made an excellent point.Obama has no right(constitutional authority)to make law.. IE the amnesty he granted. No can do. Ok. Who's standing up to him?
Then i read this at Fox News, "House Speaker John Boehner to drop the Fast and Furious investigation because Boehner sees it as an election-year distraction"

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/18/holder-issa-set-for-critical-meeting-on-fast-and-furious-documents-contempt/#ixzz1yDdQZRcw
It's the way it's going to go because ppl are afraid they will lose in an election year. How bout a novel idea like doing the right thing. Can no one stand up to Obama?
Of course i see his point; we can't afford to let more fall in line Dems win seats in Congress. Good point there.That does us no good at all. However, there is the flip side where Obama needs STOPPED.

We'll all be relieved when Romney beats Obama and he better. I know Romney's a little short on the policy speak but let's be honest here. The media-print included-is in the tank for Obama.
Nothing Romney does is going to get any positive feed back even when he deserves it and that would be true no matter who the opposing nominee was.
There are also ppl who will be stupid enough to vote Obama again. I can't get over that one.
We are really going to have to vote in HUGE no and if it's impossible for the Rep to do anything now then we need to get a majority where something CAN be done. i still think Boehner needs to make the case to the American ppl and if they back him-go for it!!
You know we can grasp what's going on.Just talk to us and ask for our support. If it's the right thing we'll back you.

i can't wait to hear what Levin has to say about all this. Finally a few thoughts about Obama's attack on religious freedom and the Catholic Church in particular. I had a tweet today from a lib getting on my case about the bc,abortion issue and Catholic institutions. I finally told person to go soak head.
If someone isn't willing to read and get info with all the facts not going to waste time talking to them. For that matter tweeting to them. Discussion over.

Let's take a look at the attack:
Assault no 1:
Catholic Relief Services has been working for year to help victims of Human(sex)Trafficking .The Obama admin said they were required to provide access to birth control and abortion. Church said no way. Done.
Assault no 2:
Catholic adoption agencies were required to permit children to be adopted by same sex and co habitation couples. Church said no way. Done.
Assault no 3:
the latest and most egregious.The obama care mandate. So the Church will do what? For now,fight. And if they lose. DONE.
Liberal thought it was about birth control/ abortion. Nope pal. It was about forcing Catholics to violate freedom of conscience. Women can get birth control and abortion almost anywhere. If people are willing to pay to have insurance cover this;fine.
If women want to have access and use these; up to them. Force the Catholic Church to comply with a 'law' against their beliefs. The institutions will do as they have done to date. CLOSE DOWN. DONE.
Libs don't get this. They are making it an argument that isn't there.
Catch this on EWTN; Fortnight of Freedom:
EWTN will be addressing religious liberty from June 21-July 4. If you're interested in the topic would be a great time to catch EWTN.
For now,it's that time.
Razz buh bye

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