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Mon. Levin Fix Over Due Part I

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Mon. Levin Fix Over Due Part I

Been a long weekend.Levin took off a few extra days too. Need a Levin fix soon. Nice weekend though. Worked on a laptop. Chilled. Did some tweeting. Mass. Talked to brother. He's finally on vacation. Twitter was interesting. Liberals. They take it if you criticize Romney you must be for Obama. How many times do you have to tell these ppl you would vote for a cockroach before Obama till they get it? I'll vote Romney. I don't have to like him. I LOATHE Obama. EWTN has been running prayers for religious freedom. This is not something we,as Catholics,worried this much about. I have never seen EWTN run such a prayer but it's actually from the conference of Catholic bishops. When the Church feels threatened by our own government we are in trouble. This is NOT a good sign.

As much as i can't stand Romney(preferred Herman Cain a 1k times over)there is no way on earth i'm going to miss voting for Romney. You can be sure when it gets close to Nov I'm going to preaching to everyone about getting out to vote. Cain can challenge Romney in 2016 but if we don't get rid of Obama it's not going to matter who we wanted. Game over,lights out for this country.

Yes, I'm Catholic. I even had (past tense)a board dedicated to apologetics with a great group of ppl. We were together for over 3 yrs and then i got involved with supporting Herman Cain. I never made it back. The group broke up, the board went down hill and nobody has been back there since. Sometimes it seems like it was all for nothing supporting Mr Cain but i honestly can't say that. It's just that a lot of us gave up a lot of things we loved and time doing other things. I'm still behind Cain though.

It wasn't his fault. He certainly didn't ask to be shoved out.I just wish he would have been able to stand up to the LSM and a lot of us would have fought tooth and nail for him. The problem was a lot of former Cain supporters also bailed. For as many as stayed on a lot of em high tailed it. So much for hating the LSM. They bought it.

You think they would have known better.
Romney seems to be doing ok but i'm not paying very close attention to his campaign either.. As long as he slowly edges over Obama it's kewl beans.
I read a tweet today where Obama is now claiming to be a fiscal conservative. I don't think even the Dems are gonna buy that one. You would have to be REALLY blindsided by the guy.
Moment;Ave Verum on EWTN. This is one beautiful piece of music.
Back in the morning to wrap up the blog. . I have to take a time out to listen.


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